The Constitution says very little, almost nothing, about how federal officials must handle our money. Think of that. We send the federal government every year about $4 trillion and there are absolutely no rules at all about what our elected officials can do with it and how they must account for it.

Most of us have heard some version of a joke with the punchline “I am from the Federal Government and I am here to help you”. Nowadays the exact opposite is true, and it is no joke. We The 

People must help our Federal Government, and We The People are the only ones who can.

Join former government

project manager and

financial executive, now

author and speaker John 

Ramsey, as he explains with

humor and clarity why his

common sense amendment

is the right answer, and

why now is the right time

to amend our beloved


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                     TELEPHONE:   941–323–9609           
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                WEBSITE: https://bofrusa.com/



John Ramsey is a terrific speaker captivating the audience with his enthusiasm while at the same time sharing facts on the national debt and what we as Americans need to do if we don’t want to wind up like Venezuela.  I would gladly have John Ramsey return to address the Republican Club of Longboat Key as he is a tremendous speaker and draws a “sell out” crowd.

                                                                         ...Joseph McElmeel, President, Longboat Key Republican Club

John Ramsey is 100% correct, we MUST have a Constitutional Amendment forcing Financial Management responsibilities on Congress. It is proven that our elected leaders have no incentive or requirement to show fiscal responsibility or restraint, hence our $22 Trillion and growing debt. I fully support his effort and urge all US citizens to work for this Amendment.

                                                                         ...Major General Scott Gray USAF, (Retired)

John is a dynamic and engaging speaker.  He was able to clearly explain the significance of our national debt and the statistics are startling.  Everyone should listen to John’s empowering message and call to action! 

                                                                         ...Artie Renée Pobjecky, Attorney & Counselor At Law